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Vin Santo

Vin Santo

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Colour: Golden yellow intense
Nose: Aromatic, intense hints of nutshell, dry fruit, candy fruit
Taste: Warm and enveloping with balanced acidity which makes it with full and elegant finish
Grape: Trebbiano 70%, Malvasia 30%
Vinification  technique: The grapes designated to become our Vinsanto are Malvasia and Trebbiano. After the harvest we hang up the grapes in a well airy room. Here the grapes stay for drying over a period of approx. four months. Afterwards we press the grapes and after a period of static decantation, about 20 days, we put the Vinsanto into “caratelli”, small wooden casks, those were sealed and rested in a room under the roof for the process of refining. After 5 years we take the wine from the “caratelli” and we bottle
Average production: 1500 bottiglie

Distributed in Italy by Pellegrini Spa